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Should Rosenstein think the Mueller probe warrants further investigation and possible impeachment by Congress, Section 609 probably has enough play in the joints for Rosenstein to include in his authorized final report to Congress factual information that might form the basis for impeachment, as long as he can secure judicial approval to disclose grand jury information consistent with Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 6(e) . This is essentially what Jaworski did. As best we can tell, nothing in Justice Department policies or regulations precludes this


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One way to help consumers would be to use the PUC’s own Power to Choose website — www.powertochoose.org — to list the companies that have and have not passed these savings to their customers. Once publicized, this would be one factor for consumers to consider when deciding which provider they want to do business with. While this is no guarantee for consumers, it may be the best way to pressure retail providers into passing along the savings. There is plenty at stake for Texans, particularly for those living on fixed incomes or below the poverty level.