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One way to help consumers would be to use the PUC’s own Power to Choose website — www.powertochoose.org — to list the companies that have and have not passed these savings to their customers. Once publicized, this would be one factor for consumers to consider when deciding which provider they want to do business with. While this is no guarantee for consumers, it may be the best way to pressure retail providers into passing along the savings. There is plenty at stake for Texans, particularly for those living on fixed incomes or below the poverty level. The average monthly residential electricity bill in Texas is $128 — the fifth-highest in the country — compared to the national average monthly bill of $107, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. To make matters worse, U.S. Census figures show that about 18 percent of Texas households have incomes below the poverty level. Utility customers aren’t nameless, faceless people. They’re folks like you and me, facing the prospect of a hot summer in 2018 and rising costs of housing and medical care.

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