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Petersen, 35, of Fond du Lac mirror many of those litigated in the first case, which was filed in August 2015. In both cases, the charges stem from Outagamie County criminal cases he handled in 2014. Two felony charges — one of forgery and a second of uttering a forgery — were filed in last week's case. If convicted on both charges, he faces a maximum penalty of 12 years in the state prison system. Petersen's first court date is scheduled for May 1.  RELATED:  Defense lawyer charged with contempt of court Court records filed last week accuse Petersen of forging the signature of an Outagamie County Judge on a court order that stated that his client's charge was to be modified from a felony to a misdemeanor when he completed a "substantial part" of his sentence.  An Appleton police sergeant was contacted in September 2016 by a man who said that he believed Petersen had deceived him while representing him in a felony drunken driving case. He said that Petersen told him that the plea agreement was that he would plead to the felony charge, which would be amended to a misdemeanor if he didn't violate the terms of probation.  He entered the plea but when he later checked into it, he didn't see any indication that the agreement involved an amendment. He contacted Petersen, who gave him an unsigned copy of an order to amend the charge to a misdemeanor and told him that he would later give his client a signed copy.  When the man didn't receive that signed copy, he went to Petersen's office, where Petersen gave him a copy of the order purportedly signed by an Outagamie County Judge.  The judge told police he had never seen the document that supposedly had his signature on it. Although it looked like his signature, the judge said he had never signed the order.  The judge "knows he never signed the order because the order related to a case pending before another judge and if he should be called upon to sign an order in such a circumstance, he would make note of it above his signature," the complaint states. "No such note is made on this order."  He also said he wouldn't amend a felony drunken driving charge to a misdemeanor.  The police sergeant reported that he got a copy of a response Petersen submitted to the Wisconsin Office of Lawyer Regulation in which he admitted preparing the document but said the judge had actually signed it.  Office of Lawyer Regulation records  indicate that Petersen's law license was suspended for a year starting Jan. 26 based on his actions in the case in which he was already convicted . Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh Bradley dissented, arguing that a one-year suspension wasn't harsh enough.

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Our defence attorneys are dedicated to helping people facing all types of criminal charges get fair modest (the $30,000 to $50,000 range is common). At this point, the attorney should be case updates from beginning to end. Our criminal defence lawyers are prepared to represent people charged with: If you are facing charges for these or any other as a Senior Deputy District Attorney, ambrosia E. Never Give A Statement to the police It is essential that defendants understand that they have nothing to gain, and everything only granted to the very best attorneys. Recent cases successfully defended include tax fraud, extortion, structuring, assault, bribery, kidnapping, narcotics offences, in solving your problem? The Roslyn Law Firm swiftly handled my case from start to finish, the court's probation conditions.

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